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Aurora Movie Theater Tragedy Updates and Information

First and foremost, our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends. The community of Aurora has truly pulled together in response to this terrible tragedy.

The Medical Center of Aurora

We received 18 patients at The Medical Center of Aurora from the movie theatre shooting tragedy and admitted seven patients. Of the three patients that were still in the hospital as of our last patient update on July 29th, one patient remains and is in serious condition. The other two patients have been discharged – one on Thursday and one today.


Donations for victims, victims' families, or specific community groups involved in the response may be made through GivingFirst.org.

In-kind services or other types of non-monetary donations, including food, should be sent to Michael Lawson at budget1@auroragov.org. The city is maintaining a centralized record of these items so that victim advocates may connect victims directly with the resources they need.

Large and "restricted" monetary donations should be directed to Jason Batchelor at finance@auroragov.org. The city has established a separate and restricted account to hold these types of donations while it explores the structure that provides the highest benefit for the victims and families of this tragedy. The city will work with donors to keep them informed of the process.