Meckel’s diverticulum is the most common problem that occurs in the digestive system. This condition happens when a pouch of tissue forms on the wall of the lower part of your small intestine (also known as your bowel).

It is a congenital defect, meaning that you are born with it.

Meckel’s diverticulum is a rather common condition, occurring in 1 out of every 50 people. However, it is often difficult to diagnose. Some people with Meckel’s diverticulum never have any symptoms. Others may have symptoms that are mistaken for other disorders such as appendicitis (an inflammation of the appendix) or a peptic ulcer (sore on the stomach lining).

Meckel’s Diverticulum
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The pouch is believed to be the remains of your umbilical cord and intestines when you were a fetus in your mother’s womb. Usually, these parts are reabsorbed back into your body before birth, but if you have Meckel’s diverticulum, your body did not reabsorb this tissue.