Image for arixtraYour child is sick, and in front of you is medicine prescribed by his pediatrician. Many parents have been in this situation, but before you start treatment, make sure you are familiar with the information on the label, dosage instructions, and potential side effects.

There is a lot of information printed on that small medicine label. When the pharmacist hands you the medicine, pay particular attention to the:

  • Name on the label and name of the medicine. Make sure you were given the right prescription for your child.
  • Strength of the medicine.
  • Dosage showing how much to take and how often to take it.
  • Special instructions and warnings
  • Number of refills

Before leaving the pharmacy, check the medicine itself. Does the type of medicine (liquid or tablet) match what the doctor talked about? If it is a tablet, does the size and color look correct? If you are unsure, check with the pharmacist. While the pharmacy staff takes steps to avoid medication mistakes, they do occur on rare occasions. It is better to ask if you have any doubts.