Bladder augmentation surgery increases bladder size. It can be done laparoscopically.

The Urinary Tract
The Urinary Tract
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Bladder augmentation surgery makes the bladder large enough to collect urine. When the bladder is too small, it can cause urine to leak out of the body (incontinence) or back up into the kidneys (reflux). This can cause a kidney infection and damage the kidneys. This procedure is used to treat serious cases of incontinence after other treatments have failed.

Birth defects and other conditions, like chronic obstructive bladder damage, can cause the bladder to be too small.

Surgery may also be done if you have:

  • An overactive bladder—bladder muscle contracts when it does not need to, causing urine leakage
  • A neurogenic bladder—problems with nerve signals leading to the brain and muscles, causing urine leakage or retention