eating on a plane image Are you planning on flying with your new baby? Be sure to talk to your baby’s doctor first. She may recommend that you wait until your baby is three months old or older. This is because a newborn’s immune system is not yet fully developed, making her more susceptible to colds and other infections. At the airport and in the closed quarters of an airplane, your baby will be exposed to a lot of germs. The doctor can give you guidance as to when it is safe for your baby to take her first flight. When you are ready to plan the trip, follow the tips below.

If your baby has a health condition, such as lung problems or a cold, be sure to talk to the doctor. Depending on your baby’s health, you may need to postpone the trip. If your baby has an ear infection or a cold, the doctor may suggest giving your baby pain-reliever.

Something else to keep in mind is that airplanes have low oxygen levels. This does not cause problems with healthy people. But if your baby has a breathing problem, the doctor may want your baby to have supplemental oxygen.