Image for preparing for menstruation Is it time to talk to your daughter about menstruation? Maybe she’s heard something about it from her friends at school and has begun asking questions. Or perhaps she is showing the first signs of puberty and you have the feeling that her period is right around the corner. It’s important to have this discussion early, before your daughter’s first period arrives.

Before you sit down with your daughter, arm yourself with knowledge. You can get information from Nemour's Kids Health or the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists websites. If you feel better talking to someone in person, consider making an appointment with your doctor or hers. It is important to have all the facts and anticipate some questions that your daughter may have. If you do not know the answer, it is best to say so, then help her find the information.

On average, girls have their first period at age 12, but it can begin anytime between the ages of 8-15.

A couple of years before their first period, girls show other signs of puberty, including breast development, pubic hair growth, and growth spurts. So it’s important to talk to your daughter about her period early, before she becomes confused about these changes and before her period surprises or embarrasses her. The choice about when to talk to your daughter about her period is entirely up to you, but take into consideration that some girls get their period at an early age.