Image for allergies and traveling articleYour vacation has finally arrived! Vacations provide an opportunity to get away from it all. Unfortunately, you cannot take a vacation from your allergies.

Be aware that a vacation can actually trigger an allergy attack because it often brings a change in climate, foliage, and accommodations. While you cannot allergy-proof your vacation, you can take steps to minimize the effects allergies might have on you.

Research where and when you want to take your vacation. This way you can select a time and place that will not make your allergies worse. Consider these tips when you are making your plans:

  • Know the pollen forecast or the weather for your destination..
  • Beach or mountain vacations are great options for allergy sufferers. Allergens are not found in sea breezes, dust mites are not prevalent over 2,500 feet, and snow kills mold spores.
  • Obtain the name of an allergist practicing at your destination, especially if you are traveling out of the country. Your doctor might be able to give you some suggestions.
  • Ask your doctor for any travel tips that might help you handle your allergies while on vacation, or to see if you will need additional medication if traveling abroad.

No matter how you travel, there are ways to minimize your exposure to allergens on your way to paradise.