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    Skin Education Center

    Special Topics

    Chronic Skin Disorders
    Common Skin Disorders
    Accutane and depression: is there a link?

    For several years there has been debate over whether Accutane (isotretinoin), a drug prescribed for serious cases of acne, could be causing depression and subsequent suicide in teenagers. Though depression and suicide are important health problems for teenagers, there is as yet no good evidence that Accutane contributes significantly to either. Read more here.

    Contagious Skin Disorders
    rerun image Treating head lice

    Your children may be clean, but that doesn't mean they won't get head lice. How can you prevent these little bugs from nesting in your children's hair?

    Viral Skin Disorders
    Fungal Skin Disorders
    Tinea cruris: aka jock itch

    Three out of four men will get tinea cruris (jock itch) at some point in their lifetime. Here are some little known facts about what causes this common—but sometimes painful—condition, and how to treat it.

    Special Topics (Continued)

    Age-related Skin Disorders
    Inflammatory Skin Disorders
    Hair Problems

    Hair loss: can skin ever be in?

    Whether it's coming out strand by strand, or just gradually receding, most men dread the signs of hair loss. Is there anything you can do? Here's what works and what doesn't.

    Propecia: the baldness pill: does it work?

    Find out the facts about Propecia here.

    Can surgery bring your hair back?

    Micrografts? Scalp reduction? Scalp flaps? These procedures sound a little strange, but they may help you get your hair back.

    Body hair removal for men

    Should you try lasers or electrolysis to remove that back hair? What's your best bet for getting rid of unwanted hair?

    Understanding hair loss

    Contrary to shampoo advertisements, not every woman sports a luxuriant mane of hair. Some suffer from hair loss. What should you do if your hair begins to thin?

    Other Skin Disorders
    Related Conditions