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    General Overview

    Back pain is an ache or discomfort in the back and spinal column. Back pain is very common, affecting most adults at some point in their lives.

    Common back problems

    Living With Back Pain

    Managing chronic low back pain

    Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor, and the third most common cause of surgery. Read here to find out what you can do if you suffer from chronic low back pain.

    Living With Back Pain (Continued)

    Chiropractic treatment: what you should know

    Read here to find out what you should know about chiropractic treatment.

    Preventing Back Pain

    Traveling: it can be a real pain in the neck, the head, the back…

    Read here to find out which muscle pains are common when traveling, and how you can help prevent and treat travel-associated aches and pains.

    Exercise 101: back squat using free weights

    Use this exercise to develop strength in your legs, hips, and back

    Taking care of your back

    One false twist, and you could be flat on your back. Here's what you can do to prevent—or treat—those painful aches and twinges.

    Special Topics

    When Emily's backpack weighs more than she does

    Each year, children aged 5-14 go to the doctor for backpack-related pain. What is going on? And what can we do about it?

    Natural and Alternative Treatments (By Condition)