Is your baby pointing and grabbing for the food you are eating? Are you wondering if it is okay to share some of your meal? When children get close to one year old, they are getting ready to expand their tastes.

When your baby reaches 9-12 months, they may be ready to:

  • Use fingers to eat
  • Reach for a spoon
  • Hold a cup
  • Eat soft table food

To help your child get accustomed to eating table foods, remember the following:

  • When your baby is eating, have a quiet and calm atmosphere.
  • When you give your baby table food, be sure that it is easy to chew since most infants this age do not have molars.
  • Avoid foods that can cause choking.
  • Constantly supervise your baby when eating.
  • Give your baby healthy foods. Your baby has a small stomach, so it is easy for them to become full, especially on junk food.
  • Encourage your baby to drink water. Avoid giving your baby soda, fruit punch, and other sugary drinks, tea, or coffee.