feet on a scale Patients with eating disorders are not the only ones who suffer. The struggle becomes a family affair. While there are things families should try to avoid doing or saying, there are just as many things that they can do to help not only their loved one, but also themselves.

Learning that someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder is never easy. The initial diagnosis may come as a shock. But, for some people and their loved ones, what comes after the diagnosis can be even harder. Successful treatment of eating disorders is a long process which can take many years, and can involve irregular progress and setbacks.

It is important that affected persons and their families do not give up hope. People who have eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia can recover with treatment and patience.

Understandably, though, there will be times when your patience is tested, like when your loved one returns to destructive behaviors. So what can you do?