Summer is fun, but it can also present some health risks, especially for children. Here are some safety tips to help make your child's summer a safe one.

  • Protect your child's head. Make sure your child always wears a helmet that fits properly.
  • Check the bike to make sure the brakes are working. Also, the tires should be fully inflated.
  • Adjust the seat to your child's height.
  • Teach your child to check for traffic before entering a street or intersection.
  • Show your child how to get off the bike at an intersection and walk it in a cross walk.
  • Explain the rules of the road to your child. Bicycles are considered vehicles and must obey the same rules as motorists.
  • Teach your child the proper hand signals for left turn, right turn, and stopping.
  • Never allow your child to wear headphones while riding. Headphones will block traffic sounds.