Halloween is rapidly approaching, and the kids are already getting excited! Halloween ranks right at the top as far as favorite holidays go. Not only do children get to put on fun costumes, but they also get to collect pillowcases full of candy. What could be better?

As fun as Halloween can be for kids, it can be a challenge for parents. As a parent, how do you keep the holiday fun, but make sure that your child do not overdo it when it comes to candy. Most experts agree that the first step is setting guidelines in advance of the special night.

After trick-or-treating, have your children spread their candy on a table or the floor. You can try one of these four approaches:

  • Let your child pick 10 favorite pieces to keep. Donate the rest of the candy to a senior citizen center, shelter, or some other charitable organization.
  • Let your child trade their candy for a prize such as a toy, book, or a fun event.
  • Let your child pick out two or three pieces of candy to have each day. You will probably have to deal with a little whining and begging in the first few days, but stick to your guidelines.
  • Let your child pick a set amount of candy for the week. Once the week's allotment is gone, do not let your child fish back in the bag for more.

Or, develop a system that works well in your home. Whichever approach you choose, make sure you let your child know what the plan is before the big night. And if it works well, stick with it every year.