Whether you are a single parent due to the death of a spouse, divorce, abandonment, or choice, you can provide a happy, healthy childhood for your children. Your road as a single parent may be different than those who share this task with another, but your mission is the same—to provide a loving and nurturing environment for your children, helping them become strong, independent adults.

The road of a single parent may consist of obstacles such as loneliness, grief, hurt, sadness, rejection, guilt, insecurity, and depression. When accompanied by financial pressures, hectic schedules, and the stress of everyday activities, these feelings can easily become overwhelming.

Your children may experience many of the same feelings, while challenged with the normal issues of growing up. It takes time and the support of family and friends to work through many of the emotions resulting from a spouse's or parent's death, or losing a spouse or parent through divorce.

In spite of the obstacles, the experiences of a single parent family don't have to lead to a dead end. Instead, many single parents discover new strength and independence. Children, too, can learn and grow from a single parent home. They have a great opportunity to contribute to their families and learn more about their own worth and abilities.