The vertebrae are a series of bones that make up the spine. When one fractures, it can put pressure on surrounding nerves. This can cause intense pain and disability. The bones may be repaired with these procedures.

  • In vertebroplasty, an acrylic cement is injected into a fractured and collapsed vertebra (spinal bone). The cement strengthens the bone and decreases pain from the fracture.
  • In kyphoplasty, a balloon is used to create a cavity to inject the cement into. This procedure is designed to relieve pain. It can also improve spinal deformities from the fractures.

Both procedures are used to decrease pain from osteoporotic or pathologic vertebral compression fractures.

Kyphoplasty also restores the height of the bone. This can decrease the spinal deformity caused by the fracture.

Other treatment for vertebral fracture may include nonsurgical treatments, such as bracing or use of pain medications.

Vertebral Fracture
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