A hordeolum is a small infection of the glands in the eye, located in the eyelids. The infection causes a red bump on the eyelid that may look like a pimple. This type of infection, also known as a stye, is usually quite painful. There are two types of hordeola:

  • External—occurs when the infection is external to the lash line
  • Internal—occurs when the infection is inside of the lash line

Hordeola are often easily diagnosed and prompt treatment often prevents progression of the infection. Contact your doctor if you think you may have a hordeolum.

Hordeolum (Stye)
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A hordeolum is caused by a blockage in the small glands located along the eyelid margin. These glands produce oil and the blockage prevents normal drainage of the gland. If bacteria are trapped in the gland, an infection can develop, and the development of fluid and pus cause the area to become red and inflamed. In 90%-95% of cases, the resulting infection is caused by the bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus (sometimes known as “staph”). It is possible to have more than one hordeolum at a time, and it is common for them to reoccur.