Neonatal sepsis is a bacterial infection in the blood. It is found in infants during the first month of life. This may become a serious condition. If you suspect your infant has this condition, contact your doctor right away.

Spread of Infection
infant sepsis
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Early onset sepsis develops in the first 2-3 days after birth. Late onset sepsis develops within 3-7 days after birth.

Neonatal sepsis is caused by bacteria. The infant may come in contact with bacteria during pregnancy, birth, or from the environment after birth.

Early onset sepsis is caused by an infection from the mother. It may pass to the infant from the placenta or birth canal during birth. Antibiotics may be given to high risk mothers, during labor. They have been able to prevent early onset bacterial sepsis in some infants.

Late onset sepsis is caused by bacteria from the caregiving environment.