Spring 2011

Welcome to the Spring 2011 edition of the Physicians' LINK. As our year moves swiftly on, we look forward to warmer temperatures and the changes and new developments that continue to happen around our campus.

At this time of year we prepare for a change of guard in our medical staff leadership. Below medical staff president, Dr. Bodnar, and president elect, Dr. Sarram share their perspective and experiences in medicine with you. In addition, you can read about TMCA’s recognition as a top 5 facility, and the one-step process and external advisor services that will be implemented to assist you. Our outstanding physicians continue to impact our facility for the better. Be sure to read about Dr. Ord, Dr. Fanos, Dr. Kashikar and Dr. Kim’s contributions to our hospital. If there is anything you like to see added to our quarterly editions, please contact Lynn Stockton, at Lynn.Stockton@HCAHealthcare.com, or at 303-695-2604.