Dr. Kristen Graesser

by Sandy Barrett, director of Physician Relationsdr. graesser

Dr. Kristen Graesser, neurologist, always wanted to be a rock star.  Luckily for us, that never quite panned out for her.  Instead, she is a multiple sclerosis fellowship-trained neurologist who sings karaoke on the side! 

Dr. Graesser is joining Dr. Jonathan Scott in practice at Colorado Neurology Associates.  Born and raised in Denver, Dr. Graesser attended Bowdoin College in Maine for her undergraduate degree.  She returned to Denver to attend UCHSC, completing her medical school residency (where she performed at an “open mic” night at a local club) and MS fellowship. Her ties and family are in Denver. Her father is a long time teacher and lacrosse coach, as well as an assistant head of a middle school at Kent Denver, which she and her brother both attended.    

This summer Dr. Graesser indulged in one of her many passions, archeology. She joined her father in hosting 20 of his graduating 8 grade students on a 10 day trip exploring the ancient civilizations of southwest Colorado and learning about the people who still live there.  They visited Hopi and Navajo Indian Reservations, as well as the ancient ruins in Chaco Canyon.   Dr. Graesser swears this was a phenomenal experience, even though she was camping for 10 days with 20 teenagers!   

Additional interests Dr. Graesser pursues include being a huge outdoor fan; camping, hiking and especially white water rafting are all top on her list of summer activities.   She has rafted all over the southwest and has even done a Grand Canyon trip.  But when fall rolls around, the football enthusiast in her emerges.  She is a huge Broncos fan and goes to every home game with her father.  You won’t be able to miss her car in the physician parking lot—it is the blue Subaru covered in Bronco stickers! 

Dr. Graesser is excited about joining Colorado Neurology Associates and brings additional talent to the practice as she speaks fluent Spanish.  She says she learned Spanish basically from watching TV!  She took Spanish during middle and high school, but it was one of her teachers who really helped her become fluent. 

“She wanted us to watch just a half hour of the Telenovelas—Spanish soap operas—to hear the dialogue,” says Dr. Graesser. 

However, Dr. Graesser and her friends got hooked on the stories and watched them religiously.  She says she has an Argentinean accent when speaking Spanish. 

“That is because all of the Telenovelas were filmed in Argentina so that is what I learned,” she laughs. 

Dr.  Graesser plans to practice general neurology as well as see MS patients.  She decided to do a fellowship in MS because she had a large number of MS patients in her clinics during residency and really got interested in it. 

“We really understand so little about this disease,” says Dr. Graesser, “we have learned so much in the past few years. It is amazing.  Ten to 15 years ago, we just managed the symptoms.  Now we have disease modifying treatment, we can actually treat the disease, not just the symptoms,” she explains. 

We are happy to welcome Dr. Graesser, part time rock star, to the TMCA campus!