Case Management Clinical Documentation

The Case Management department is implementing the MIDAS+ Case Management System. This system will replace the application Allscript’s ECIN Case Management System, which we currently use. MIDAS+ will support the company wide objective of a standardized approach to case management activities. Additionally, MIDAS+ will provide an electronic, real time documentation system and support the functions of case management.

As a benefit of the implementation of the new MIDAS+ Case Management system, all Case Management documentation will be found in a single location titled Case Management Reports located within MEDITECH.

A standard Case Management documentation approach will be implemented across the company along with the implementation of the MIDAS+ system. This standard approach ensures compliance will all governmental and regulatory requirements.

The changes noted above occurred on go-live of the MIDAS+ system September 8, 2010. If you have any questions, contact Tina Miller, Director of Case Management, at 303-873-5797.