Medical President's Message

by Dr. Judith Bodnar M.D. and Dr. Alan Aboaf M.D.

Your Medical Executive Team continues to brainstorm on how to best reshape the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) to do the work required in an ever changing healthcare environment. The old MEC structure must adapt to the changing needs of the medical staff and to the delivery of healthcare. 

We will present a change and encourage you to vote for the new MEC Structure at the Spring Biannual Staff Meeting.

We presented a preliminary plan at the Fall Medical Staff Meeting.  Since then, we have listened to and have incorporated your feedback.

Many members of our medical staff feel physicians sit on the MEC to represent constituencies.  In reality, the MEC exists to fulfill regulatory functions imposed on hospitals.  The Joint Commission requires the hospital to have an organized medical staff.  The MEC fulfills that obligation and oversees three main functions:

  • Credentialing
  • Peer Review
  • Quality

We have good processes and involvement of our staff in place for the first two items, and they come forward to MEC with much physician input.  We are actively developing mechanisms to involve the medical staff in quality measures and reporting.  Regulation drives much of this.  This is a tremendous change from several years ago.

Most primary care physicians no longer actively care for their patients in the hospital.  Hospitalists now deliver the majority of inpatient care.  This presents a need to modernize MEC in this realm.  Several departments will be consolidated.  We will ask you to vote on having an Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Department and no longer have Family Practice, Internal Medicine and a Primary Care Advisory representative sit on MEC. 

John Hill has presented his plan for service lines to all of us.  The service lines will be quality driven.  Some of the service lines overlap with departments we have, but some do not and they will all need to report to MEC.

Essential hospital based departments that are small, have no quality measures for physicians, but touch nearly every patient such as pathology may not have an independent seat on MEC in the future.

In the end, we hope to end up with a medical staff that has moved forward in a positive manner as our staff at Aurora has historically succeeded in doing.  There are vehicles to represent every discipline at MEC through our new structure.  If you follow these links, you can view the current MEC structure and the proposed MEC structure.  Please email any feedback to myself at  I will share all with Alan and Ali as we continue to work on the new MEC.