Dr. Ledgerwood

Dr. Ledgerwood

Dr. Geoff (pronounced Jof) Ledgerwood is the newest urologist to join Advanced Urology.  He started with the group this fall after finishing training at The University of Arizona in Tucson.  This was a long way from where Dr. Ledgerwood grew up, 40 miles south of the Canadian border in North Central Washington.  He lived in a town of 4,500 people and one stoplight.

 "You couldn't get away with anything," said Dr. Ledgerwood, "everyone knew what everyone else was doing!"  

Dr. Ledgerwood's father was a family medicine physician and his mother was a science teacher/farmer.  His world was a small hobby farm with cattle, sheep and chickens.  He grew up, the youngest of three children, loving the outdoors.  He often hunted with his dad, brother and friends.  

"We used to take our guns and leave them in our cars so we could go hunting right after school," laughed Dr. Ledgerwood.  Something, he said, that would probably be frowned upon in schools today.

Dr. Ledgerwood attended Pacific Lutheran College as an undergrad. He always knew he wanted to pursue medicine. 

"I was going to be just like my dad," he said.

He started his training as a family medicine physician, but during his surgical rotations, he changed his mind. 

"I had a couple of mentors who really encouraged me to go into surgery," he said. "The urologists I met were some of the funniest people that I knew in medicine."

Dr. Ledgerwood enjoyed the wide range of surgical techniques and approaches that were applied to a variety of patient problems. He decided that urology was the best fit for him.  While his emphasis in practice today is general urology, Dr. Ledgerwood has a special interest in urologic oncology. He will be working with Dr. Sorce in establishing the Center for Excellence in Bladder Cancer at The Medical Center of Aurora in 2010.

When he is not at work, you might find Dr. Ledgerwood traveling, hunting, fishing, hiking or skiing.  An avid runner, he has completed several half marathons while in Tucson and hopes to do another one again in the future. 

In addition, Dr. Ledgerwood is an amateur Brew Master.  He says he received a home brew kit as a gift several years ago and now makes three or four batches of beer a year. 

"It appeals to the mad scientist in me," he laughed.

Dr. Ledgerwood is a great addition to the Advanced Urology team!  Be sure to look for him around the hospital.

"Be prepared to hear a funny urology story if you stick around for more than ten minutes!" he joked.