CEO Message

by John G. Hill, president and CEO

On December 29, 2009 sweat poured down my face. I glanced at the blinking heart rate monitor on the elliptical machine in my bedroom.  It felt good to get an early start on a personal New Year's resolution. The workout felt even better knowing that I had slightly overindulged in the rich foods of the holiday season. As the resistance and incline of the machine automatically increased to the highest stage, I focused on keeping my strides per minute at the targeted level. I attempted to synchronize my steps with the beat of the music playing from my iPhone.

My 5-year-old daughter opened the bedroom door and curiously watched as I struggled to climb the imaginary mountain simulated by the machine.  She studied me with inquisitive eyes. I pulled one earphone out just in time to hear her make an observation and pose a simple question.  

"Daddy, it doesn't look like you are running very far. So, why are you sweating so much?"

I reassured her I had covered nearly five miles and gained more than a 1,500 vertical feet during my workout.  She paused for a moment and then turned and walked out of the room, seemingly unimpressed by the intensity of my workout and dissatisfied with my answer to her question. I half smiled and half grimaced as I continued the last stage of my workout. With each step I reflected on my daughter's observation that I seemed to be working hard, but not making a lot of progress.

My daughter's innocent observation was that progress is a consequence of hard work.  I believe this is wise and timely advice as we begin the New Year with fresh goals and novel aspirations. 

In 2010, the hospital remains focused and committed to making progress or achieving excellence in the Five Key Indicators of Success.  These key indicators are: Patient Loyalty, Employee Pride, Physician Engagement, Financial Commitments and Community Trust. Our goal is to achieve performance in the 90th percentile for each indicator when compared to all HCA hospitals in the United States.  When we continue to make progress in achieving our goals, we fulfill the mission of the organization to "care for and improve human life."   

In 2010 the medical staff can expect the same commitment to Physician Engagement as in previous years, but with targeted strategies that focus on physician Convenience, Collaboration and Communication.  Also, hospital leadership and employees will focus on building Community Trust through partnerships like the American Heart Association.  We will also establish alliances to exchange ideas with our business and patient communities to improve the access of healthcare services in our community.  In addition, we intend to focus on improving the image of our organization.  We plan to implement effective and professional marketing campaigns to increase awareness of programs and services that TMCA and CMP offer to the communities we serve.

Thank you for your continuous support and recommendation, which helped TMCA/CMP achieve significant milestones during 2009. I welcome and require your comments, ideas and discussion as we endeavor to achieve significant progress in the Five Key Indicators of Success in 2010.