Resuscitation Choreography Featured on FOX 31 News

"New Techniques Save More Lives of Heart Attack Victims"

Aurora, CO, March 13, 2012

Deborah Takahara


Seconds count when your heart suddenly stops and you go into cardiac arrest. The Aurora Fire Department and The Medical Center of Aurora are teaming up to improve your chances of survival.

The Aurora Fire Department coined the phrase “resuscitation choreography” three years ago. And now, they have integrated it into the Medical Center of Aurora.

Dr. Gilbert Pineda, EMS Medical Director for Aurora said, “You have to have a set choreography, set time to do certain steps in the process of chest compressions. So we said let’s get everyone to work together. The process is to get what they do in the field to get the hospital to do the same thing essentially or work together well, so you have a well choreographed process of transferring the patient.”

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