Vein Viewer Featured on CBS4 News

Vein Viewer at The Medical Center of Aurora

On May 25, 2010, CBS4 News in Denver featured The Medical Center of Aurora and the Vein Viewer on the 5 p.m. news. The Vein Viewer is a valuable tool to have for patients who have hard to find or difficult veins (like premature babies and cancer patients). This advanced technology, used in addition to a nurse's own background and instincts, adds to The Medical Center of Aurora's ability to best serve our patients.

The Medical Center of Aurora was the first hospital in Colorado to use this technology.

From CBS4:

Vein Viewer Eliminates Multiple Needle Pokes

Kathy Walsh

There's a new technology that eliminates the anxiety of get poked with a needle when seeing the doctor and one medical center in Aurora is the first to offer it in Colorado...

The new device, called the VeinViewer, eliminates some of the pain and anxiety. The Medical Center of Aurora is the first to offer the technology. It allows nurses to place an IV or draw blood on the first needle poke.

With infrared technology, a digital camera and projector, the VeinViewer locates a patient's veins and projects the image back on the skin.

"It finds all your veins even when we can't see them," said Jennifer Steffen, a registered nurse at the Medical Center of Aurora.

To read the full article and see the video footage from the newscast, please visit CBS4's website.