Resuscitation Choreography Program Featured in the Aurora Sentinel

"Aurora Medics Perfecting the Back-to-Life Cycle"

Aurora, CO, September 16, 2010

Sara Castellanos

From the Aurora Sentinel:

The protagonist is a person whose heart has stopped beating.

The secondary characters are firefighters, physicians and nurses.

The Aurora Fire Department’s Resuscitation Choreography program is like a play. It’s scripted and choreographed, with each movement calculated and meticulous.

The secondary characters work to circulate blood from the heart to the brain by rhythmically pumping on the chest of the cardiac arrest patient, mindful to miss as few beats as possible.

If it’s done right, the patient is brought back to life at the denouement.

Resuscitation Choreography was put into practice in January 2009. It’s the only resuscitation technique in the metro area that focuses on significantly limiting the pauses between chest compressions for patients undergoing cardiac arrest.

If the pauses are reduced between chest compressions, the cardiac arrest patient has a greater chance of surviving without brain damage, according to the American Heart Association.

“Everybody is responsible for their own task, but their task is done to support quality compressions,” said Kevin Waters, manager of the Aurora Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services Bureau. “We concentrate on how we can do all the other things that are really important to managing a cardiac arrest, without interrupting CPR.”

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