Physician and Social Media Give Hope to Teenage Patient

From 7News:

Doctor, Facebook Give Hope to Sick Ethiopian Teen

Doug Schepman

AURORA, Colo. -- Ethiopian teen Weini Haile, 16, came to Aurora a year and a half ago seeking life-saving kidney therapy. Recently, her condition worsened and she started dialysis. In her home-country she was out of options, and nearly out of time.

"The doctors in Ethiopia said, 'there is nothing we can do, her kidneys have failed and unless she leaves the country and goes to Europe or the United States, or somewhere else, there is nothing else we can do," said Millete Birhanemaskel, Haile's cousin.

With family in the Denver area, Haile needed a physician to agree to care for her in order to receive a medical visa. They contacted Dr. Paul Sakiewicz, a stranger to the family.

"When I looked at the situation, I can help, and I can offer something," Sakiewicz said. "I just can't walk away from that."

Sakiewicz convinced the Medical Center of Aurora and numerous other doctors and departments to provide charity care for Haile.

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